Alone in Alasaka (DVD)

There, I covered over 1800km by canoe on the Yukon River, to then continue my adventure by foot to reach the Artic Ocean 850km North, crossing mountains, forests and the tundra, home of grizzlies, wolves and elks.


At 23, alone, I had to survive by my own means. Most of the time I was feeding myself by gathering wild berries, mushroom, plants and by fishing. I was drinking from and washing myself in rivers. I was keeping warm with fire made from wood found around me. I was walking in the forest following the small paths created by the tracks of grizzlies, wolves and caribous.


Above all, I had to understand the environment I was in in order to define my place in it, and insure my safety against wild animals, climate and accident-prone terrains. I had to accept the laws of nature and submit myself to them.

Nomade de Eliott Schonfeld (Livre)

I spent 3 months in Mongolia, from the northern steppes to the Gobi Desert.


For a month and a half, I travelled with a horse. Together we walked 900km. From yurt to yurt, I learnt to live with and take care of my companion, and I discovered a culture and way of life that I knew nothing about, and which absolutely overwhelmed me: nomadism.


Then, the second part of my expedition started, and I began walking in one of the most hostile and unwelcoming part of Central Asia for a human: the Gobi Desert.


For 33 days, I walked 700km, alone, at 22 years old, self-sufficiently, with the constant worry of not finding enough water

135 pages

Himalayas, the walk above (DVD)

Not yet 25 years old, and already several dizzying expeditions around the planet : Eliott is a prodigy adventurer.


He was only 18 years old when he became enmeshed, by « chance » of a trip to Australia where he discovers the unique expérience of autonomy and survival. Since then he has constantly raised the bar of his ambitions, to go towards more and more independance, space, contact with a world whose urban life deprived him.


After Alaska and Mongolia, Eliott engaged himself in 4 months of complete crossing of the Himalayas, alone  and to meet the last nomads of the planet.


The aim of his odyssey, a veritable « march of decay », was to accomplish completely what he had hitherto only sketched : to finish the expédition in absolute independance, that is to say by abandoning any object from the « modern » world. Friction fire, skin jacket and bamboo bag : his horse at his side and his camera in hand, Eliott has - again - held his bet !

Seul en Alaska - Livre

The second book by the explorer Eliott Schonfeld. This time he takes us for an extraordinary adventure at the heart of North America, from Canada to Alaska. 


For 3 months, by canoe and then by foot, he immerses himself in one of the wildest part of the world and with the sole company of grizzlies, wolves and other animals from North America.


His objective: to reach the Artic Ocean.


200 pages


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