In the summer of 2014, I accomplished my first real adventure. I crossed, in 17 days, the 400km separating the southern coast from the northern coast, off-road, by myself and without any aid.

The hike was exhausting. The cold, the rain, the mountains to climb and the icy rivers to cross made it hard to bare, but when at the end of it, I realised I was ready to go to the next level. I also realised that I really (really) needed to do a laundry.


“I am remembering this day in Iceland: I was almost at the end of my journey across the country, and I had to cross a river with rather strong currents. I had to attempt the crossing several times, but I managed to reach the other side carrying my bag over my head, in a 2°C water. Frozen to the bone, I immediately started walking, but a storm came. At this moment I was at more than 1000m high in altitude and the ground was covered with snow and rocks; it was impossible to fix my tent. I continued to walk till late, simply using my compass, the maps being useless in such fog. Exhausted, drenched and walking without much direction, I was close to abandoning, put my tent up and spend the worst night of my life. However, I continued for a few more kilometres and suddenly, in front of me, for the space of an instant, there was a shelter in the fog. I ran with all my strength and I found the best cabin of the whole expedition. Under a pile of blankets, in the warmth of this unexpected shelter, I remember that I felt the happiest man alive.”


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